VK type

We developed a special lifting bag for the brake mechanism of roller coasters called the VK Type.

The VK lifting bag is available in three different standard lengths (513, 838 and 1500mm) and two standard widths  (65mm and 83mm). If required we can also supply other lengths.

The VK lifting bag has a ½” NPT air connection which is machined in an aluminium connection block.

The VK 65 Type is made from a rubber hose with a bigger wall thickness than the normal lifting bag hoses, and it is not rolled up directly after manufacturing. The hose is cut at the right length as soon as it comes out of the machine. That is why the hose is more rigid and not as flat as other Ha-Ka lifting bags. Due to the rigidity of the hose and together with the low weight of the aluminium connection block, the hose will not fold over on the point where the air connection sticks out of the brake mechanism.

Type VK 83 is made of so-called flat rolled hose and, therefore, more flexible and not as rigid as the VK 65.

Type Width of the Alu-block in mm Width of the hose in mm Total Length in mm Max. Stroke in mm Max. Pressure in Bar Force at 8 Bar and 5mm stroke

in KGf.

VK-65-1500-H-D-1/2” 65 65 1500 28 8 4.090
VK-65-  838-H-D-1/2” 65 65 838 28 8 2.177
VK-65-  513-H-D-1/2” 65 65 513 28 8 1.238
VK-83-1500-H-D-1/2” 83 85 1500 42 8 6.382
VK-83-  838-H-D-1/2” 83 85 838 42 8 3.388