When are lifting bags being used?

Big forces

Big forces

With lifting bags, big forces can be generated.
Evenly distributed forces

Evenly distributed forces

Lifting bags are made of rubber or reinforced cloth. They follow the form of the surface area on which the force is distributed.
Little space

Little space

Lifting bags are thin. Depending on the type they are only 5 to 25mm thick.

Type HD

Available in every length
Lifting height up to 180 mm.

Type AS/CR

Available in every length
Lifting height up to 115 mm.

Hefkussen VK en specials

Type VK

Specially designed for brake systems in rollercoasters.

Vulcanized lifting bags

Lifting capacity up to 67T
Lifting height up to 520 mm.

Hefkussen Gevulkaniseerd

Low pressure lifting bags, Pancake

Available in two types PS (Small) and PL (Large)

Air Jack

Lifting capacity 4T
Lifting height up to 780 mm.


Some applications of lifting bags.