Lifting bags HD type.
Longer lifetime at a higher frequency.


Type HD stands for heavy duty. In principle the HD type is an improved version of the two largest AS/CR types and extended with a 325 mm wide lifting bag. The biggest type can generate a force of up to 10 Ton (10.000 KGf) at the smallest stroke, a length of 1 meter and a max. air pressure of 4 Bar. Duration tests on our testing equipment proved that the improvements lead to a longer lifetime for the HD types. The HD types are only little more expensive than the AS/CR types with comparable width.

The HD lifting bags are also custom built and in conformity with your wishes. Every lifting bag is hand made and our people take special care to supply top quality. After manufacturing every lifting bag is tested on air tightness. You can choose length and width, but also the type of air connection and the position of it. Although every lifting bag is hand made after your order, we are able to supply your lifting bag relatively fast.

Bigger stroke:

Because we are now able to supply the 325mm wide lifting bags, lifting higths (Stroke) of 180mm are possible.

Characteristics of the HD lifting bags:

  • Excelent chemical resistance.
  • Abresion resistant.
  • Seawater resistant.
  • Resistant against aging, UV radiation.
  • Maximum working pressure, dependable on the type, 4, 5 or 6 Bar.
  • Maximum lifting height (stroke) 180mm.
  • Available in every length up to 20 meters, custom built.
  • Available in width 165, 204 and 325mm.
  • Allowable temperatures for the hose material from -35°C up to +100°C.
  • Air connections in stainless steel AISI 303 or Brass; vertical (1/4″BSP or 1/2″BSP), or horizontal (hose connection or 1/8″BSP).
  • Endplates made of stainless steel AISI 304.

Applications HD types:

  • Lifting of heavy loads in high frequencies.
  • Clamping in high frequencies.
  • Pressing in high frequencies.

Below you can calculate the force, which your lifting bag can generate.

The force which a lifting bag can generate, is depending on the pressure (P) inside the lifting bag and the effective surface of the lifting bag (L x B). This effective surface will reduce when the stroke (S) of the lifting bag increases.







– At first choose the position of the air connection, horizontal “H” or vertical “V”,
– Choose the width “B” of the lifting bag 165, 204 or 325mm;
– Fill in the length “L” of the lifting bag in mm. This is the total length including the endplates;
– Fill in the working pressure “P” in Bar. The maximum allowable pressure for the chosen type is given;
– Fill in the stroke (S) in mm at which the lifting bag needs to generate the force. This is the lifting distance of the load, calculated from the endplates of the lifting bag, on which the load is resting before inflating the lifting bag. The maximum stroke of the chosen type is given;
– Press the button “Calculate” and you will see the force generated by the lifting bag in Newton and KGf.

Note: There can be small differences between the calculated force and the real force. These differences are dependable on the stroke and will be less than 10%.

Position air conn.

Width "B"

Length "L"

Pressure (bar) "P" (max. )

Stroke "S" (max. )

0 Newton
0 KGf