Pancake Small, Typ PS
October 29, 2017
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Pancake Large, Type PL


The bigger type, the PL, measures 1.45m x 1.95m and is also 5mm thick.

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In case there is very little space available, we have a lightweight, super flat and flexible solution: the Pancake Lifting Bag.

This lifting bag is very strong, reliable and sustainable. The biggest Type, PL (Large) measures 1.45m x 1.95m and is 5mm thick. At the beginning it can lift 8 T (8,000 KGf), with the maximum pressure of 0.5 Bar. Dependable on the lifting height, the lifting capacity is getting less. At a lifting height of 500mm, the lifting capacity is still almost 2 T (1,800 KGf). The lifting bag is secured against over pressurising by an overpressure valve adjusted to a little more than 0.6 Bar.